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Barry Herbst & The Varietal Show Visit The Locanda Villa

Earlier this year The Varietal Show took Barry Herbst and his amazing Bottle Barn palate, along to taste some Locanda Estate Wines with winemaker Brian Graham. We WINE GEEKED OUT on their Cabernet Sauvignon from Beckstoffer & Chardonnay from Los Carneros. Join in for this tasting, along with an intimate discussion of the wines, and intriguing analysis of Brian’s winemaking techniques.

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The Varietal Show Gets Educated At Locanda!

The Varietal Show saved this gem for just such a rainy day, to explore these magnificent profiles of the Locanda Estate Chardonnay and Cabernet from the Beckstoffer Vineyards in Napa Valley. Join me, socially-distanced at the charming estate, with winemaker Brian Graham and special guest Liz Thach MW!

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Reflecting On The Varietal Show 2020: Some Good Things Did Happen!

Socially distanced visits with (top) the Bouchaine gang and (above) The Nerd Stalker – Adolfo Foranda!

Way back in March we suddenly had a lot more time on our hands. So you know how I kept busy, if you haven’t yet then now is the time for a The Varietal Show replay of my first year conversations and tastings!

Some of your favorites perhaps or something new to inspire your inquisitive mind. The playlist includes such notables as Bouchaine Vineyards, Bambury Wine Collection, Perli Vineyard, Petrified Forest, Tablas Creek to do just a little name-dropping. . . Sit down, login and watch through with a glass of your favorite anything!

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TVS 2020e
TVS 2020b

Photo round up! Top, Murder Ridge from Perli Vineyard; David Wilson with Grape Encounters; Radio-Couteau: Bottom, John Bambury shares Bonneau and Egret wines ; Verde Vineyards selection; Haarmeyer Wine Cellars. CHEERS! Christopher

Tasting European Varietals at Locanda Estate With The Varietal Show!

In a return to the lovely Locanda Estate Wines in Sonoma Valley I discuss an assortment of distinctive varietals with Winemaker Brian Graham. For more about their spectacular program watch these vintage episodes of The Varietal Show.

Locanda Estate Wines hosts The Varietal Show with SawyerSomm

The Varietal Show Winery Visit, with Special Guest Dr. Liz Thach!

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The Varietal Show Winery Visit, with Special Guest Dr. Liz Thach!

Little Italy meets Sonoma Valley! The Varietal Show with Sawyer Somm visits with special guests, Master of Wine Dr. Liz Thach and talented winemaker Brian Graham, for this socially distanced on-site tasting and discussion of the high-class Romulus and Remus wines from Locanda Estate Wines in Kenwood.

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