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Chappellet LOVES Chenin Blanc On THE VARIETAL SHOW

At my monthly educational wine lunch we dove into Chenin Blanc, which of course had to include Chappellet in the lineup! THE VARIETAL SHOW snagged Dominic Chappellet for a wee discussion about his winery’s story and their first vintage in 1969. We rounded it out discussing some of the other amazing contenders present; Haarmeyer 2021 Cresci, The Sadie Family ‘Skurfberg’ South Africa, Domaine des Baumard 2017 Quarts de Chaume & Domaine Huet 2016 Vouvray, Cuvee Constance.

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Reflecting On The Varietal Show 2020: Some Good Things Did Happen!

Socially distanced visits with (top) the Bouchaine gang and (above) The Nerd Stalker – Adolfo Foranda!

Way back in March we suddenly had a lot more time on our hands. So you know how I kept busy, if you haven’t yet then now is the time for a The Varietal Show replay of my first year conversations and tastings!

Some of your favorites perhaps or something new to inspire your inquisitive mind. The playlist includes such notables as Bouchaine Vineyards, Bambury Wine Collection, Perli Vineyard, Petrified Forest, Tablas Creek to do just a little name-dropping. . . Sit down, login and watch through with a glass of your favorite anything!

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TVS 2020e
TVS 2020b

Photo round up! Top, Murder Ridge from Perli Vineyard; David Wilson with Grape Encounters; Radio-Couteau: Bottom, John Bambury shares Bonneau and Egret wines ; Verde Vineyards selection; Haarmeyer Wine Cellars. CHEERS! Christopher

Haarmeyer Delivers a Chenin Blanc Experience On The Varietal Show!

A funny thing happened west of Sacramento, The Varietal Show found itself in the Kingdom of Chenin Blanc with Craig Haarmeyer of Haarmeyer Wine Cellars: We got steeped in CA history, wine geography and saw some cool winery equipment. Then finish off your holiday off with a little Lodi Zinfandel!

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