Behind the Scenes Of ‘Love, Charlie’ With Lisa Ehrlich On The Varietal Show

Making the film festival circuit these days you will likely find the documentary Love, Charlie by local filmmaker Lisa Ehrlich: It happens to be about her ex-husband, Charlie “Chuck” Trotter, the famous Chicago chef.

The Varietal Show sits down with Lisa to hear compelling stories about their life in Chicago, starting his restaurant, and her steps into the California wine world. Together, we have a taste of Lingua Franca by winemaker Larry Stone, another early connection from their Chicago days. (For much more in depth wine talk from Larry Stone watch The Varietal Show, episodes #47 & #50!)

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The Varietal Show Lounges With Amy Butler Of Ranchero Cellars

Heading on down to Paso Robles and meeting up with Ranchero Cellars Winemaker Amy Butler, the Diva of Carignan! In this ode to Rhone, The Varietal Show has a relaxing poolside chat about this vineyard, that started pretty much on a dare, and tastes her fabulous 2017 Viognier and 2018 Carignan, The Tethered Beast.

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Attack Of The Clones! June 10 in SF or Zoom

San Francisco Wine School is thrilled to welcome star sommelier and wine educator, Chris Sawyer and Pinot Noir expert, Ben Papapietro, Owner/Winemaker of Papapietro Perry Winery, and Steve Rogstad, Winemaker of Cuvaison Estate Wines, for a rare opportunity to delve deep into the legacy of the noble red grape Pinot Noir and taste its diverse clonal variations.

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Whet your palate! On the surface, Pinot Noir is commonly marked with a thin skin, light hue, fruity flavors, soft tannins, and delicate demeanor. But when you follow its rich legacy back 2,000 years, you will see it is more than a classic grape variety listed in the vitus vinifera family, but a super genius with the unique special powers to mutate and express itself in different forms.

In the white grape category, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc are mutations of Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay is its genetic offspring. It is also the father of the red grape variety Pinot Meunier, commonly grown in the Champagne region. But as a stand-alone grape, Pinot Noir has the rare ability to mutate and multiply in the form of “clones,” which have spread to the United States and propagated amazing variations for winegrowers and winemakers to work with in the cool-climate regions on the West Coast of California!

Papapietro Perry Winery-Winemaker- Ben Papapietro

Super Somm Ian Blackburn On The Varietal Show!

Meet Sommelier and wine educator Ian Blackburn! The Varietal Show hooked up with him at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition to talk about films (A Perfect Vintage!) and wines, particularly his brand Beekeeper Cellars, and how Mauritson Wines played a part in his destiny.

Check out his site: Learn About Wine!

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