Sawyer Somm Episode 1: Featuring the Nerd Stalker

Welcome the inaugural Sawyer Somm podcast, with your erstwhile hosts, myself and the amazing tech wizard Adolfo Foronda, aka The Nerd Stalker. We will be coming to you monthly, or thereabouts, to discuss wines, interesting devices (sometimes about wine), special guests (sometimes in the wine industry) and whatever else comes up in our scintillating conversations. Hope you will be joining us on my You Tube station:  Subscribe to be kept abreast of the frequency of our posts!

In the meanwhile, crack open a good bottle, put on your comfy sox, get planted on the couch and check out our first episode! As a primer here are some details about the items we will be mentioning:

Tempour made by Soiree Home and designed in Napa Valley.

Summertime wines!
J. Lohr 2015 Gesture Grenache Rose, Paso Robles. $18
Tablas Creek 2015 Vermentino, Estate Grown, Paso Robles. $27
Fulcrum 2013 Pinot Noir, Landy Vineyard, Russian River Valley. $58

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