Flavor! Napa Valley: Five Days, Forty Events – One Legendary Festival

logo3Here is your opportunity to join all the star chefs and winemakers flocking to the CIA and other special venues for Flavor! Napa Valley.  As wine director this year, I have organized some amazing events ranging from local and celebrity chef demonstrations to intimate winemaker workshops along with Grand Tastings and exclusive experiences that bring out the best flavors of Napa Valley.  Be sure to check the schedule to see when you can attend!

dessertThis year Flavor! Napa Valley takes place during Cabernet Season and provides experiences in the finest in farm-to-table cuisine, world-class wines and culinary star talent.  It’s the perfect time of year for five days of culinary indulgence, and to wine and dine with Napa Valley’s legendary talent.

oystableTicket sale proceeds benefit The Culinary Institute of America.  Stay tuned this week as I will be posting more details about individual classes however you can find out more and purchase tickets at the Events Page!

Cheers!  Christopher

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