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Haarmeyer Delivers a Chenin Blanc Experience On The Varietal Show!

A funny thing happened west of Sacramento, The Varietal Show found itself in the Kingdom of Chenin Blanc with Craig Haarmeyer of Haarmeyer Wine Cellars: We got steeped in CA history, wine geography and saw some cool winery equipment. Then finish off your holiday off with a little Lodi Zinfandel!

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Spread Holiday Cheer With This Special CellarPass TV Episode!

On-site and socially distanced at Spottswoode with Lindy Novak & Beth Novak-Milliken!

If you missed our live air date, never fret, I have it for you here! The special holiday inspired episode with Spottswoode Winery is linked here for your viewing convenience. So grab yourself a bottle to enjoy with some favorite holiday snacks and tunes, then follow this link below to join me for our titillating conversation.

CellarPassTV: Happy Holidays with Spottswoode Estate and Chris Sawyer Sommelier!



Constant Disruptions on The Varietal Show!

Even in the days before distance learning there was still a thing known as Constant Disruptions, as the parents of winemaker Shane Finley can attest to. Ergo the name of his wine which we sample and discuss on this episode of The Varietal Show!

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Get that Comfort Food Fix from Gravenstein Grill!

Though the patio may be closed, the ovens are still roaring with your favorite pizzas, burgers and dogs! Order yours for pick-up or delivery (limited area) online from Gravenstein Grill: Follow these links to Pleasant Hill Pie & Sonoma Burger or call (707) 634-6142.

Located at 3050 Bodega Ave, Sebastopol, CA
Located at 3050 Bodega Ave, Sebastopol, CA

The Varietal Show Gets Cozy With Wine Legend Gary Eberle!

Gary Eberle is a California icon of wine, and The Varietal Show was fortunate enough to not only sit down and taste his Eberle Winery 1983 & 1989 Cabernet Sauvignon, but also chat about the interconnections between Paso Robles, UC Davis and CA wine history!

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Tasting European Varietals at Locanda Estate With The Varietal Show!

In a return to the lovely Locanda Estate Wines in Sonoma Valley I discuss an assortment of distinctive varietals with Winemaker Brian Graham. For more about their spectacular program watch these vintage episodes of The Varietal Show.

Locanda Estate Wines hosts The Varietal Show with SawyerSomm

The Varietal Show Winery Visit, with Special Guest Dr. Liz Thach!

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Join Me & CellarPass TV with Spottswoode Estate on Dec 9th!

CellarPassTV is back for a very special holiday episode, hosted by Sarah Ellison, featuring Beth Novak Milliken and Lindy Novak of Spottswoode Estate located in St. Helena California: Join us to chat about our favorite holiday traditions, recipes and of course their incredible wines. Show starts at 6pm on Wednesday December 9th.

Pre-register at CellarPass TV! Wines can be purchased there as well: Featuring 2019 Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc, 2017 Spottswoode Estate Cabernet Sauvignon & 2017 Lyndenhurst Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon!

An Ode to Zinfandel 2020

Did you miss Zinfandel Day on Thursday November 19th? That’s OK, I have you covered here for an extended celebration with my recent article Preserving the Zinfandel Legacy of Mendocino County published on the ZAP Blog. (And mark your calendar for some social zintancing with ZinEx in January 2021!)

It was my pleasure to taste and muse about the fabulous flavors from a memorable visit up north: My Mendocino trek also involved a few conversations that are documented on The Varietal Show, from my YouTube channel; including Chef Mark Dym of Little River Inn; Steve Alden spinning the tale of Murder Ridge; and this extra little repost below from my visit with Lorenzo Pacini at the famous Pacini Vineyard! Enjoy and FOLLOW my channel for more exciting episodes to come . . .

Where’s Waldo? Find the visitor flying around in one of these three videos. Name that bird! #GoMendo

Rhône Adventures Continue with Tablas Creek Vineyards on The Varietal Show

In this Part Two from my discussion with Jason Haas of Tablas Creek Vineyards, he reflects about lessons from his dad with wine, and he shares three tiers of red blends including a tasty Mourvedre on The Varietal Show.

Find out more about their Rhône connection on our Rhone Rangers Webinar, Thursday November 19th! As well as a viewing of Tablas Creek Vineyards, Part One, on The Varietal Show.

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Tablas-Creek-Proprietor-Jason-Haas CROP